Visions for intercultural music teacher education

Heidi Westerlund, Sidsel Karlsen, Heidi Partti, editors

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Westerlund, Heidi (Editor); Karlsen, Sidsel (Editor); Partti, Heidi (Editor)
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Buch, Text
Cham Springer Open [2020]
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x, 219 Seiten; Illustrationen
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Musikerziehung an Hochschulen, Universitäten
I. Musica theoretica
Sachteil: Musica theoretica (einschl. Realien mit geographischem Bezug)
Musikerziehung (-pädagogik)
Musikerziehung an Hochschulen, Universitäten

Intercultural Music Teacher Education in Israel: Reimagining Religious Segregation Through Culturally Responsive Teaching; Amira Ehrlich and Belal Badarne.- The Discomfort of Intercultural Learning in Music Teacher Education; Alexis A. Kallio & Heidi Westerlund.- Intercultural Game in Music Teacher Education: Exploring El Sistema in Sweden; Eva Sæther.- Expanding Learning Frames in Music Teacher Education: Student Placement in a Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon; Brit Ågot Brøske.- The Reinvented Music Teacher-Researcher in the Making: Conducting Educational Development Through Intercultural Collaboration; Vilma Timonen, Anna Houmann, and Eva Sæther.- Bridging Musical Worlds: Musical Collaboration Between Student Musician-Educators and South Sudanese Australian Youth; Kathryn Marsh, Catherine Ingram and Samantha Dieckmann.- To Honor and Inform: Addressing Cultural Humility in Intercultural Music Teacher Education in Canada; Lori-Anne Dolloff.- Structure and Fragmentation: The Current Tensions and Possible Transformation of Intercultural Music Teacher Education in South Africa; Albi Odendaal.- Assessing Intercultural Competence in Teacher Education: A Missing Link; Sapna Thapa.- Narrating Change, Voicing Values, and Co-Constructing Visions for Intercultural Music Teacher Education; Laura Miettinen, Heidi Westerlund, and Claudia Gluschankof.- Engaging Practitioners as Inquirers: Co-Constructing Visions for Music Teacher Education in Nepal; Danielle Shannon Treacy.- Epilogue: Music Teacher Education Engaging with the Politics of Diversity; Heidi Westerlund and Sidsel Karlsen
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