The elements of theatrical expression

Brian Kulick

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Kulick, Brian (Author)
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Buch, Text
London Routledge 2020
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viii, 210 Seiten
Questions -- Truth -- Moments -- Change -- World -- Character -- States -- Intentions -- Actions -- Obstacles -- Events -- Cores -- About-ness -- Remanence.
"The Elements of Theatrical Expression puts forward fourteen essential elements that make up the basic building blocks of theatre. Is theatre a language? Does it have its own unique grammar? And if so, just what would the elements of such a grammar be? Brian Kulick asks readers to think of these elements as the rungs of a ladder, scaling one after the other to arrive at an aerial view of the theatrical landscape. From such a vantage point, one can begin to discern a line of development from the ancient Greeks, through Shakespeare and Chekhov, to a host of our own contemporary authors. He demonstrates how these elements may be transhistorical but are far from static, marking out a rich and dynamic theatrical language for a new generation of theatre makers to draw upon. Suitable for directors, actors, writers, dramaturges, and all audiences who yearn for a deeper understanding of theatre, The Elements of Theatrical Expression equips its readers with the knowledge that they need to see and hear theatre in new and more daring ways"--
Includes bibliographical references and index
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