Complete piano works

Mendelssohn; Roberto Prosseda, piano

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Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix (Composer) ; Prosseda, Roberto (Instrumentalist); Ammara, Alessandra (Instrumentalist)
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Contained works:
CD1 enthält: Lieder ohne Worte - Lieder ohne Worte op. 19, op. 30, op. 38, op. 53, op. 62. Lied in D major - Allegro assai (world premiere recording, 2008)
CD2 enthält: Lieder ohne Worte, 4 fugues, Allegro con fuoco - Lieder ohne Worte op. 67, op. 84, op. 102, without pour number. Fuga in d minor, in b minor, in d minor, g minor. Allegro con fuoco [sonata] in G major (reconstructed by Gabrio Taglietti)
CD3 enthält: Fantasia op. 28, sonata - Fantasia (Sonata écossaise) op. 28 in f sharp minor. Sonata op. 6 in E major, op. 106 in B flat major, op. 105 in g minor, in b flat minor
CD4 enthält: Rondò capriccioso, fantasias, capriccios, scherzos - Rondò capriccioso op. 14 in E major. Fantasie in E major "The last rose of summer" op. 15. Trois fantaisies ou caprices op. 16. Trois caprices op. 33. Scherzo in b minor. Scherzo à capriccio in f sharp minor. Capriccio op. 5 in f sharp minor. Capriccio op. 118 in E major
CD5 enthält: Variations, preludes and fugues - Variations sérieuses in d minor op. 54. 4 rejected variations sérieuses (world premiere recording, 2013). Variations in E flat major op. 82. Variations in B flat major op. 83. Six preludes and fugues op. 35. Prelude and fugue in e minor
CD6 enthält: Klavierstücke and etudes - 7 Charakterstücke op. 7. Andante e presto agitato in B major/minor. Six Kinderstücke op. 72. Two Klavierstücke (Musical Sketches). Three preludes op. 104a. Three etudes op. 104b. Etude in f minor. Albumblatt in e minor op. 117. Perpetuum mobile in C major op. 119
CD7 enthält: Juvenilia and occasional pieces, I - Six Klavierstücke. (Variations) in D major. (Suite) in G major/minor. Andante in F major. Klavierstück in e minor. Largo in d minor. Klavierstück in f minor. Allegro (Etude) in a minor. Largo e allegro di molto in C major. Klavierstück (Walzer) in G major/D major. Walzer in D major. Andante in E major. Prestissimo in f minor. Vivace in c minor. Thema und Coda in A major. Andante maestoso in F major. Con moto in A major. Allegretto in a minor. Canon in f sharp minor. Andante in E flat. Sostenuto in F major. Klavierstück in e minor. Bärentanz in F major. Andante con moto in e minor. Klavierstück in a minor. Canone a 2 in b minor. Wie die Zeit lauft! in g minor. Auf fröhliches Wiedersehn, für Minna Berndt - world premiere recordings, 2013
CD8 enthält: Juvenilia and occasional pieces, II - Fantasie in d minor/D major. Capriccio in E flat major/minor. Ein Lied ohne Worte in F major. Adagio and presto agitato in b flat minor. Lied in E flat major. Albumblatt "21. Mai" in A major. Lied in A major. Allegretto A major. Andante in D major. Sonatina in E major. From the incidental music to A Midsummer night's dream op. 61 (excerpts) - world premiere recordings, 2005
CD9 enthält: Juvenilia and occasional pieces, III - Sonata in f minor, in e minor, in a minor, in c minor. Etude in C major. in a minor, in d minor. Fuga in E-flat major, in c-sharp minor - world premiere recordings, 2005
CD10 enthält: Complete works for four hands and for two pianos - Sonata in D mjaor for two pianos. Klavierstück (Sonata movement) in g minor - world premiere recordings, 2015. Fantasie in d minor for piano four hands. Duetto (Allegro brillante). Andante con variazioni in B flat major. From the incidental music to A midsummer night's dream op. 61 (excerpts)
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London Decca Music Group Limited [2017]
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10 CDs; 12 cm; 1 Booklet (73 Seiten)
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Decca 481 5297
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