Porgy and Bess -Szenen-

Georges Gershwin

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Authors and Corporations:
Gershwin, George ; Alexander, Roberta (Performer); Estes, Simon (Performer); Curry, Diane (Performer); Staufenbiel, Wilfried (Performer); Stöckigt, Siegfried (Performer); Knothe, Dietrich (Performer); Slatkin, Leonard (Performer) ; Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin (Performer); Rundfunkchor Berlin (Performer)
Workt Title:
Porgy and Bess | Ausw
Type of Resource:
Berlin Deutsche Schallplatten 1987
Physical Description:
1 Schallpl.; 33 UpM, stereo; 30 cm
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Order number:
7 25 036
Digital Recording.
Contained works:
Introduction / Jasbo brown blues / Da-doo-da / Summertime (Klavier,Clara, Chor)
My man's gone now (Serena, Chor)
Oh, i got plenty o'nuttin' (Porgy, Chor)
Buzzard keep on flyin' over (Porgy, Chor)
Bess, you is my woman now / Oh, i can't sit down (Porgy, Bess, Chor, Maria)
I ain' got no shame / It ain't necessarily so (Chor, Sporting life)
Now de time, oh gawd (Porgy, Bess)
Tell me quick where's bess / Oh lawd, i'm on my way (Porgy, Maria, Serena, Lily, Mingo, Chor)
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