Performing Citizenship Bodies, Agencies, Limitations

edited by Paula Hildebrandt, Kerstin Evert, Sibylle Peters, Mirjam Schaub, Kathrin Wildner, Gesa Ziemer

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Hildebrandt, Paula (Editor); Evert, Kerstin (Editor); Peters, Sibylle (Editor); Schaub, Mirjam (Editor); Wildner, Kathrin (Editor); Ziemer, Gesa (Editor)
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Buch, Text
Cham Springer International Publishing 2019
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Online-Ressource (XII, 318 p. 17 illus, online resource)
This open access book discusses how citizenship is performed today, mostly through the optic of the arts, in particular the performing arts, but also from the perspective of a wide range of academic disciplines such as urbanism and media studies, cultural education and postcolonial theory. It is a compendium that includes insights from artistic and activist experimentation. Each chapter investigates a different aspect of citizenship, such as identity and belonging, rights and responsibilities, bodies and materials, agencies and spaces, and limitations and interventions. It rewrites and rethinks the many-layered concept of citizenship by emphasising the performative tensions produced by various uses, occupations, interpretations and framings
1. Introduction; Paula Hildebrandt and Sibylle Peters -- 2. Yet Another Effort, Citizens, if you Want to Learn How to React!; Kai van Eikels -- 3. [An] Elephant in the room. Notes on the ‘Welcome City’ Hamburg; Paula Hildebrandt -- 4. Doing Rights with Things: the Art of Becoming Citizens; Engin Isin -- 5. Performing Citizenship - Gathering (in the) Movement; Liz Rech -- 6. On Bodies and the Need to Appropriate Them; Antje Velsinger -- 7. Silence, Motifs and Echoes - Acts of Listening in Postcolonial Hamburg; Katharina Kellermann -- 8. Claims for the Future: Indigenous Rights, Housing Rights, Land Rights, Women’s Rights; Elke Krasny -- 9. Spaces of Citizenship; Sergio Tamayo -- 10. Urban Citizenship - Spaces for Enacting Rights; Kathrin Wildner -- 11. A Space of Performing Citizenship - the Gängeviertel in Hamburg; Michael Ziehl -- 12. Performance as Delegation: Citizenship in ‘Lloyd's Assemblage’; Moritz Frischkorn -- 13. (Re)Labelling: Mimicry, Between Identification and Subjectivation; Thari Jungen -- 14. PARALOGISTICS. On People, Things and Oceans; geheimagentur and Sibylle Peters -- 15. Phyto-Performance and the Lost Gardens of Riga; Alan Read -- 16. Of Mice and Masks: How performing citizenship worked for a thousand years in the Venetian Republic and why the Age of Enlightenment brought it to an abrupt end; Mirjam Schaub -- 17. Perform, Citizen!: On the Resource of Visibility in Performative Practice, between Invitation and Imperative; Maike Gunsilius -- 18. Practices of Politicizing Listening (to Migration): 'The point of language will no longer only be about communication, but also about pleasure and politics'; Nanna Heidenreich -- 19. Childish Citizenship; Darren O’Donnell -- 20. I do. From Instruction to Agency: Designing of Vocational Orientation through Artistic Practice; Constanze Schmidt
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