Music, collective memory, trauma, and nostalgia in european cinema after the Second World War

edited by Michael Baumgartner, Cleveland State University, USA and Ewelina Boczkowska, Youngstone State University, USA

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New York Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group [2020]
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I. Musica theoretica
Sachteil: Musica theoretica (einschl. Realien mit geographischem Bezug)
Musikalische Gattungen, Formen, Termini
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Gattungen und Formen F

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First published 2020
Part I: Collective Memory and (Trans-)Nation / Chapter 1: A Fanfare Floating Beneath Sea Level: Music as a Sonic Lieu de Memoire of Dutch Cultural Identity on Film (Emile Wennekes) / Chapter 2: Which People's Music? Witnessing the Popular in the Musicscape of Giuseppe De Santis's Riso amaro (1949, Bitter Rice (Maurizio Corbella) / Chapter 3: Phantoms of Italian Opera-Cultural Memory in Italian and (West) German Films (Roger Hillman) / Chapter 4: A Bridge Too Far? Music in the British War Film, 1945-80 (Mervyn Cooke) / Part II: Trauma and Survival / Chapter 5: Hidden in Plain View: The Music of Holocaust Survival in Poland's First Post-war Feature Film (Barbara Milewski) / Chapter 6: Empathy, Ethics, and Film Music: Alfred Schnittke and Larisa Shepit'ko's Voskhozhdenie (1977, The Ascent) (Maria Cizmic) / Chapter 7: Fugue States: Music, Memory, and Trauma in Alain Resnais's Early 1960s Films (Michael Baumgartner and Orlene Denice McMahon) / Chapter 8: Re-Sounding Trauma: Sonic Flashbacks in the Films of Jan Troell (Alexis Luko) / Part III: Nostalgia, and the Impossible Returns Home / Chapter 9: Decomposing Heroism: Rolf Wilhelm's Music for Radetzkymarsch (1965) (Janina Muller and Tobias Plebuch) / Chapter 10: The Music of Sacrificial Acts: Displacement, Redemption, Beethoven and Verdi in Andrei Tarkovsky's Nostalghia (1983) (Tobias Pontara) / Chapter 11: "Chopin Meant Everything to Us Then": Chopin Nostalgia in Polish Cinema, 1944-91 (Ewelina Boczkowska) / Chapter 12: Returning Home: Critical Nostalgia and French Cinematic Illusion in the Post-war Musical Films of Rene Clair and Jean Renoir (Hannah Lewis)
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