The Oxford handbook of music listening in the 19th and 20th centuries

edited by Christian Thorau and Hansjakob Ziemer

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Buch, Text
New York, NY Oxford University Press [2019]
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x, 524 Seiten; Illustrationen, Diagramme, Notenbeispiele, Karten
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19. und 20. Jahrhundert
I. Musica theoretica
Sachteil: Musica theoretica (einschl. Realien mit geographischem Bezug)
Sonstige übergreifende Sachgebiete
Soziologie der Musik
Epochen-Schlüssel zur Musikwissenschaft
19. und 20. Jahrhundert

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The art of listening and its histories : an introduction / Christian Thorau and Hansjakob Ziemer -- Secion I. Listening behaviors and emotions. Who cares if you listen : researching audience behavior(s) in nineteenth-century Paris / Katharine Ellis ; The well-mannered auditor : zones of attention and the imposition of silence in the salon of the nineteenth century / James Deaville ; The problem of eclectic listening in French and German concerts, 1860-1910 / William Weber ; The crisis of listening in interwar Germany / Hansjakob Ziemer ; Listening as a practice of everyday life : the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and its audiences in the Second World War / Neil Gregor -- Secion II. Listening ideologies and instructions. Turning Liebhaber into Kenner : Forkel's lectures on the art of listening, c. 1780-1785 / Mark Evan Bonds ; Designated attention : the transformation of music announcements in Leipzig's concert life, 1781-1850 / Anselma Lanzendörfer ; Concert listening the British way? : program notes and Victorian culture / Christina Bashford ; What ought to be heard : touristic listening and the guided ear / Christian Thorau -- Secion III. Listening spaces and encounters. Architectural acoustics and the trained ear in the arts : a journey from 1780 to 1830 / Viktoria Tkaczyk and Stefan Weinzierl ; Amateurs and auditors : listening to the British musical festival, 1810-1835 / Charles Edward McGuire ; The intimate art of listening : music in the private sphere during the nineteenth century / Wolfgang Fuhrmann ; Symmetries in spaces, symmetries in listening : musical theater buildings in Europe around 1900 / Gesa zur Nieden ; Music in the air, listening in the streets : popular music and urban listening habits in Berlin around 1900 / Daniel Morat -- Secion IV. Listening and technologies. From the music-telegraph to the opera-telephone : listening to music in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries / Sonja Neumann ; First re-creations : psychology, phonographs, and new cultures of listening at the beginning of the twentieth century / Alexandra Hui ; Between personal experience and public discourse : reproduced music and the politics of listening in the twentieth century / Axel Volmar -- Secion V. Towards an art of listening of the twenty-first century. Capturing the landscape within : on writing the history of experience / James H. Johnson ; Listening and possessing / Fred Maus ; Is listening to music an art-or not? / Wolfgang Gratzer ; Performer or listener, everybody in the concert hall should be devoted entirely to the music : on the actuality of not listening to music in symphonic concerts / Christiane Tewinkel
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